Delylah Dyer, 2018 CFTC Beneficiary

Caddy Family,

With a broken heart, I regret to inform you that sweet Delylah Dyer, our 2018 CFTC beneficiary, passed away the morning of Jan. 9th 2019 peacefully in the arms of her mother, father & siblings.   She fought this horrible disease with tremendous courage and grace and she will be deeply missed.  We will always remember her incredible spirit, beautiful smile, her playfulness, and loving heart.  These memories cannot be taken away and we will carry them always as a reminder of what is truly important in this world. 

“Thank you, Delylah, for allowing us to be a small part of your life.  We Love You…and may GOD wrap you in his arms.”


Lilly Armbruster, 2017 CFTC Beneficiary

CFTC Family,

 My heart breaks to inform you that sweet Lilly passed away peacefully at the side of her parents on March, 4 2018. After courageously battling cancer 4 separate times at the young, innocent age of 4yrs old,  the Lord called her up to sit by his side, now cancer-free….no more pain….in Peace….and in the graces of God. There are no words at this time that can sooth the heartbreak that her parents, siblings, and family must feel at this time. I respectfully ask that we each take a personal moment of silence today for Lilly and her family. That they may find strength, blessing, and some peace during this incredibly difficult time.

Please know that, because of your generosity and support @ CFTC 2017,   Lilly’s parents were able to take several months off from work to care for Lilly and create beautiful and lasting memories with their precious daughter and as a family.  This is exactly why we do what we do.  This is our mission.  From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU for supporting Lilly Armbruster last year….and THANK YOU for supporting CFTC.



Lilly…. From your CFTC Family, we promise to always remember the blessing of meeting you and spending the day with you and your wonderful family in celebration of your courage and strength.  You have touched the hearts of so many of us and we remain in awe of your loveable spirit, smile, compassion, and innocence.  Your impact on us will remain and your memory is etched into our hearts. Thank you for allowing us, if for only a brief moment, to be a part of your life.  May God now hold you in his arms and continue to bless this world with Your Courage… Your Compassion…and Your Love.

We are now and will always be….TEAM LIL’ BUG !!!!