Little Delylah Dyer


Meet Delylah Dyer...

Beautiful 4 year old, Delylah Dyer, has spent almost half of her young life fighting Stage 4 High Risk Neuroblastoma.  Little Delylah was diagnosed with a softball sized cancerous tumor in her right adrenal gland that effected all her bones except in the feet and hands and had significant impact on 100% of her bone marrow.  


Delylah’s family (Felicia, James, 3 siblings) were devastated to hear the news.  Doctors told them that Delylah’s case was rare & aggressive with a 50% chance of relapse post treatment.  After diagnosis, little Delylah endured 15months+ of heavy chemo, radiation, surgeries, stem cell transplant, and immunotherapy.  Her little body was beaten and battered with surgery, shots, nasty medicines, hair loss, feeding tubes, etc for many months all while she stayed positive and brave.  Post-treatment, the tumor has been depleted but Delylah continues to battle.  In May 2018, her bone marrow completely shut down causing need for multiple transfusions, a stem cell rescue, and almost daily injections.  She continues to courageously fight this horrible disease and inspires all those around her with her passion for life, courage, and beautiful smile.  


To make things even more difficult on the Dyer family, during Delylah’s 15 month treatment, the Dyer family received more devastating news that James, Delylah’s dad, was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on the voice box.  James underwent an emergency tracheotomy with the introduction of a voice prosthesis.  James has lost his sense of smell and most of his sense of taste.  James also has alternative breathing apparatus to redirect his breathing.  He has had to relearn how to speak and voice inflection.


The Dyer family continues to stay positive through prayer and support from family, friends, and great doctors and nurses, but the road has been extremely difficult both emotionally and financially.  That is where CaddyForTheCure comes in!!!!